Thursday, January 5, 2012

Completed Premiee Quilts

Ok.. I've completed the 2 premiee quilts I was working on 
so now 3 CQed quilts are ready for delivery to the local hospital.
4th AQP quilt finished

5th AQP premiee quilt finished
And now to some more finishes.. I have a more RR blocks to finish up with and I'd really like to get that stitching on that jean jacket done before neither of my kids can wear the jacket!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

RR finishes

I have had several finishes with the RR blocks that have been awaiting my atttention since before christmas and the memorial panels :O)
Here are some eye candy of my work.
Jacqui's Sew it is Christmas
Peggy's All About Sewing

Next Up are some RR blocks that I'm angeling
Pam's Basicly Beaded
Merle's Basicly Beaded
Arlene's Basicly Beaded
This one the corner spray had already been done my Arlene and the seam treatment with the button flowers was done by Susie who I'm Angeling for