Wednesday, December 29, 2010

THREE Round Robin blocks

Now that Christmas is over it was time to get caught up on the RR blocks I've had sitting waiting for me all month long! First one is Helina's Autumn block which I did very simply. Hard to be creative when at that time of the year I've a busy bee with the harvest and canning for the winter food storage. I did however have to put on a mushroom button as she'd mentioned in her note that she loved mushrooms and I just knew the leaf beads had to go on hear too. The beaded seam are from the same item. A beaded tie back from the Dollarama! It's not all pricey in this hobby :)
I then got right to work on the one that inspired me the most. SUMMER!!!! At the time I was thinking is was a spring but summer is when I do most of my gardening.. I was thinking sunny days, butterflies, flowers and playing in the dirt. I had such fun with this block! This is thw work I did on Cathy's block:
Lastly we come to Colleen's Spring is Sprung. I went mostly with flowers and then a couple butterflies alighted near the flowers. I stayed within the colour theme of the block. And now to get those Winter RR blocks sewn together! There's always another project just sitting waiting to be completed. :)

final Christmas Cracker

Today I had my 3rd and final Christmas Cracker arrive... and what fun! This package came all the way from Portugal... a place that holds a special place in my heart. I had a boyfriend from Portugal and he and I are still dear friends.
This is what Maria sent me. I love the lace idea for edging the block she made for the outside of the cracker. I may just do that myself next year!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Cracker Fun!

I had an absolutely wonderful time opening up my 2 of the 3 to be recieved Christmas Crackers. My first one was from Linda M. Who spoiled me absolutely rotten and I loved every second of it! Here's the before pic!I first opened the little box parcel and found a container that the cover had a little CQed finished piece on it and inside was a wonder selection of tatting motifs.!! I absolutely love tattying but have not time to learn the craft myself so I'm thrilled with having a selection to use in my own CQing. Then came the hand dyed silk ribbons. I have just started using silk ribbon myself have but 3 colours in my stash... til now! They even came with some printed bobbins to wrap the ribbons one!. .... then came chocolate!! ... a beautiful tea towel with tatting on the edge and a a stitched snowman on it... and fabrics... and all this before the cracker was even opened! Here's a collage of the pictures of the packages.Here's a pic of all the goodies found inside the cracker! oohhh the fun I will have finding places to use all these wonderful goodies. Then came the cracker from Ely A. I LOVE the double sided fabrics and I'm looking forward to using these pieces and utilizing both sides of the fabric! There was lots of goodies inside too. A little baggies of buttons and beads... the flower shaped beads I've seen before and wanted but held off on getting any. Now I have some!
Thank you ladies for making my Christmas Eve a truly fun one! I chose Christmas Eve to open mine as that was the time I would be able to truly enjoy them... I still have them out to look at! :)
And the best part is I still have one more to come in!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Robert's Wolf

This Crazy Patchwork Wall Hanging I put together but the stitching of the wolf was done by a dear old friend of mine. Robert is going to LOVE it!

Mom's Christmas Gift

It has taken me a few days to get this picture put up but at last here it is... the CQedvWall Hanging I did for my mom for this Christmas. I'll be sure to get pics of her with it on Christmas Day :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Vintage Tea Time (naked blocks)

Today I put together the blocks for the Tea Time RR that I'm doing with the Crazy Quilting International Group. Mine are a Vintage Tea Time theme. I used vintage table runners and hankies to make the blocks around cross stitched vintage tea cups stitched on a vintage linen.

Sending out with these blocks will be another corner of the hankies used with the tatting on the edges for each participant to use in their embellishing along with a good selection of pastel buttons from the ones I inherited from my grandmother.

I hope ot have each participant use the corner of hanky and some buttons on each of the blocks.

Once these are completed and back to me and I've finished working on the last block for me to do I will then be making these into a padded book similar to one I've seen pictures of that another CQer made.

Finished CQed pillow

I finished this on the weekend but have only now gotten around to posting up pictures :) This is the pillow that will be delivered tomorrow to my son's piano teacher... I will be taking my camera with me to take a few pics with her and the pillow :)