Friday, October 28, 2011

Memorial Wall Hangings

This Christmas I'm making CQed wall hangings... using the clothes that were my grandmother's and some printed pictures of her I've created 3 blocks.

I've then embellished them and will be putting them together and creating a wall hanging out of them.
I will be making a grand total of 13 sets with these same pictures and 3 blocks.. some will be hung across... others will hang down in a line. These will then be given to her 13 Great Grandchildren. I have a total of 6 sets using pictures of both my grandmother and grandfather to make for her 6 Grandchildren. And 2 sets using pics of both as well as a couple other family pics for her two surviving children.
I had hoped to get them all done for this Christmas but as this is just the first set and I only have 1 1/2 months to go I don't see me getting them all done... however I am endeavouring to get half of them completed for Christmas and finishing up the other half after Christmas and sending out the ones that need to mailed to other provinces in the New Year.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Carol's All About Sewing Traditional block

I got to finish the block I was working on for Carol's All About Sewing Traditional RR. She sent around 3 large pieces but with the silkie pics on them that took up most of the room it left little room to embellish. I was the second to work on them and I loved the way Darlene the first participant finished the one piece that I did a similar finishing on the next piece. Leaving the largest of the 3 pieces for the other 2 participants to work on. Here is my work.

Friday, October 7, 2011

WIP on Ravens Quilt

These were done a while back but have set the quilt aside... have brought it back out to be working on as I can as I hope to have it finished for this Christmas!Close up of the center where most of the work is done.

Ruby's Sew It Up DYOB

I had several evenings of fun working on this block... lots of little bits but the imagination went well. ruby sent a fabric marker for us to mark our initials on the blocks... I used it to outline the sewing machine and then stitched in my online name as I do with my cross stitching.