Saturday, December 31, 2011

Completed UFO and more!

I have finally managed to finish a UFO!
This has been sitting waiting for me to add the binding on it for months!
Shame on me I know but I stopped because I had to buy the material for the binding and then never got back to it.  But as my New Year Resolution is to get some UFOs into the finished pile... I got to and got this one done!
AQP premiee quilt #3
After that was done I got to and made another quilt top as when these are donated to the hospital I like to have at least 2 crazy patched ones... just because :O)

AQP premiee quilt #4 WIP
 And then the next day I decided I wanted one that's more for a boy so I started this one. 
It will have border strips in the brown, plaid before it's finished and the binding will be done in the dark blue.

AQP premiee quilt #5 WIP

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

CQing Christmas packages/crackers

I had such a wonderful time opening all my CQing packages on Christmas Eve.
Pictures truly on worth a thousand words... so here's a FEWpics :O)

My SS packages came all the way from Portugal!
All this came in those packages.

I really love the varigated Christmas thread. and the strawberry that hides a shopping bag.
Thank you Maria!

This cracker is from Meg
this is the block that wrapped the cracker
here's what was inside :O)
better pic of the motif
Thank you Meg!

This cracker came from Kerry
Such wonderful rich looking fabrics and embellishments!
close up of the beads and buttons
A beaded butterfly motif!!! WOW
Thank you Kerry!

This cracker came from Ingrid.
The one that came with the extra large baggie of goodies to that wouldn't fit in the cracker and no wonder!
these were on the ends of the cracker and I plan to reuse them on  a cracker I make for next year.
The pins in the pincushion came in this cracker and they went immediately to my new pincushion.

Several gorgeous christmas print fabrics
Aren't these just the cutest!
This was made especially for me... I love it!
There was just soo much in the cracker!
 And can you believe with all this that Ingrid actually apologized for not making a CQed block for the outside of the cracker!
Ingrid I love it all and you've spoiled me absolutely rotten how could anyone be sorry there wasn't a CQed block covering all these goodies!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Mom's Memorial Panel Completed!

I did it!
I finally finished the last panel that I will be able to finish before Christmas.

My Mom's!

Mom's Memorial Panel

Day 11 & 12

All of these 12 Days of Christmas gifts have me spoiled rotten!
But I have to admit that the last two I've enjoyed the most.

Day 11
... eleven bits so charming.

How charming is that?!?1  as you can see sticking out the top I wasted no time in putting my new Ort Bag to use.   I just LOVE it!
Perfect complimentary colours to my living area as well... it's as much decoration as it is useful!

Day 12 

And a big surprise is was indeed... and GORGEOUS!  
I have loved these fancy pincushions from a far for some time and now I have one of my very own.

and now I can share and know for sure that my Special CQ friend is as my second thought was.... Leslie!

Thank You Thank You Thank You... You have made this the best Christmas ever for me. :O)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day 10

Such fun!... and makes for a wonderful morning each and every day... can 
we do this year round?.. LOL

Day 10
... ten fibers fancy.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 9

What a wonderful morning I had opening today gift.
Day 9
... nine neato trims.

Now there is much more then nine trims and I'm not sure how it all fit in that box now 
but what I time I had going thru them all... 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

memorial panel

Quick post to show off the one panel I missed posted as it wasn't on it's hanger til the last moment... I should have added the pic with the one for my Aunt as it was done then.

Now for the mad dash to get my mother's done before Sunday....:o)

Day 7 & 8

Thought I did open Day 7 yesterday I was too busy to get to the computer long enough to post a pic but here it is now. :O)
Day 7
... seven vintage snowmen.

Day 8
...eight fancy French sweet delights.

this one came on the Perfect day!  
This evening my girl friend is stopping by and we are going to me making pies. :O)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

12 Days of Christmas!!!

I'm here wrapping up gifts while my kid sleeps and I get this knock on my
door... now I'm not one to be up in the AM and everyone knows that. So to
have a knock on my door this early in the day was strange to say the least.

But stranger still was to see my parcel delivery lady standing there with a
parcel.. on a SUNDAY!!! Wow...

Anyway..  so as you may have
guessed... it's in... the package I have been waiting for to join the rest of the group opening a gift on each of the 12 Days of Christmas. I got to sit here and enjoy opening 6 packages to
catch up to all the others.

Here are the gifts thus far...

Day One

... a snuggly, warm, cozy pair tree.

Day Two
... two silken treasures.

Day Three
... three flitting fans.

Day Four
... four blooming offings.

Day Five
... five hearts delightful.

Day Six
... six herbal treats.
(Which I promptly enjoyed one!)

After that I snuggled the rest of the packages under my little tree which one last nite was decorated and set up on the top of the desk in the TV room where I do all my stitching and will be enjoying the opening of these gifts each day.

I've also placed my Christmas Crackers  under that tree too... and I thought I'd already been spoiled... now all those feelings of being left out are good and I feel doubly blessed.

As a true recycler I am saving the tags from my 12 Days packages to reuse next year.  I will keep them close to remind me so that I'll have all yea long to collect items for all the Christmas Swaps and Exchange I so love to do. :O)

Come back tomorrow when I get to show off Day Seven!

Merry Christmas!!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

One more Memorial Panel

Here is the panel I completed today.

Now to work on my mother's!

Wolf panels for my boys

Today has proven to be a productive day. 
 I managed to complete these panels from start to finish for my boys for Christmas.  
They both love wolves and as I made them pillows from panels last year I decided to
 make hangings from the panel this year.
With all the time I've spent on the panels for the rest of the family I worried I wouldn't get to these...

Hang on those that's not all that got finished today :O)

Christmas Cracker Extras!

   I received the second of my 3 Christmas Crackers today... it came in later then the first oen that came today as it was sent UPS and wow what a cracker it is. It's nestled in the branches of my tree along with my first one waiting for Christmas Eve and my quiet time to open them.
   In with it came a baggie of things for me to have right away.. and wow was is stuffed too... here are some pictures of the wonderful goodies to add to my stash!
A few closer up to see things a little better :O)

Wonderful butterfly fabric almost buried with everything else!

I love the charms pictured here and can't wait to get at a couple RRs I'm working on to use them on.

Love the colours in the rick rack here.. it won't last long but I sure will enjoy using them while I have them :O)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A few More Memorial Panels completed

Things are indeed coming along with the panels. here are 3 more completed ones.
I now have figured out the layout for my Aunt's and Mom's and have one and a little bit left of another of the 6 blocks that will be in theirs. Much smaller blocks though and with bigger pictures so aren't taking as long to embellishd.. I've also decided on mostly embroidery work on them.

More pics to come! :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

More Completed Memorial Panels

Here are two more of the panels completed... I have 4 more ready to finish,, just awaiting the hangers to finish drying before I can use them.
I have 1 more for my Aunt that I'd like to do my best to completed for Christmas... then there are the 2 for my siblings, 1 for another cousin, 6 for the children of these and 1 for my mom. whew... I'm tired just thinking about it all.. LOL

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Completed Memorial Panels

I have posted a few progress pics of the first 3 of these projects which are now complete!

Along with the first 3 I have 2 more completed as well so I've been a busy bee..these 2 are for my own 2 boys.

I have 3 more ready for the finishing touches but have to wait for my son to finish making more hangers... each panel is hung on a hand curved piece of wood which my 12 yo son has curved from tree branches, then stained and varathaned by hand.
I also have 3 more that I need to finish putting together and then of course finishing touches and hangers. SO I've not posted much in the last month but I have been keeping very busy. :O)