Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ritva's Spring is Sprung

The ribbon above the hummingbird Shrink button was my inpiration on this block. It matched perfectly with the flower motif I hand dyed for another project but it just didn't look right for it. I'd been watching for just the right one to put it on as it's one of my favourite ones I did. I think it's found it's home here. :)

Ritva's Summer Dreams block

Here is the block I worked on for Ritva in our Summer Dreams RR. What fun I had with this one! Buttons and flowers in bright colours!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Shrink Buttons!

Today I had a little fun introducing my son to Shrink Art! I printed out a couple sheets of what I will be using as buttons for Crazy Quilting, cut them out and just said, "Watch!" as I put them in the oven. It took a minute but then I was able to say, "There they go!" After the first batch my son helped me put the holes in the second batch and even wanted to see what would happen to the bit that was bunched out.

I now have 2 dozen buttons in my collection of Shrink Buttons for my Crazy Quilting projects... some of these I have plans for and some will be used for a button swap I'm in. I'll soon be making more!

Here are some pictures of the before and afters of today's fun. :)

birds before
birds after
fairies before
fairies after
Click on the pics to be able to see larger versions :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Painted Cupcake Banks

The owner of a small group that I'm in asked if anyone would be able to help her with some crafting that she'll be using as gifts... she loves to spoil both kids and ladies alike. So I offered to help out if I could.

We decided on these cute little cupcake banks that needed to be painted. They did come with paints but I'm a little more particular with my crafting so I picked up a few more paints to go with what I already had on hand as the ones that came with were too small and took thick. They were meant for kids to use after all.

There's 12 in all and she wanted 6 for girls and 6 for boys. I not only used Varathane on them once they were finished being painted but I used a glitter glue on the tops of the 6 for girls to add a little sparkle to them.

I love the way they came out so much I had to share a couple pictures. :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Colleen's Autumn RR block

Last nite I finished up another RR block. This time an autumn themed one for Colleen. I wen twith seam treatments only for this one as that's the mood I was in.. but kept within the colours of Autumn.

We're having yet another winter storm here in Northern NB... what a way to have a Valentine's Day. So I'll be whipping up some cookies and jello with my son and enjoying some quiet game playing time and then some relaxing stitching. I'll leave the housework for tomorrow :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Darlene's Winter/Holiday CQed block

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so rather than rambling on in type here is the picture of Darlene's block for the Winter/Holiday RR in the CQI group. I just couldn't resist the pinks.... I envisioned decorating for Christmas with these colours as my theme.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tea Time with Gram and Grandpa in CQing!

Today I spent some time searching for just the right thing to do for another Tea Time RR. This is to be a tradational one so each participant works on the same piece. While searching I found a new site. One which I will be using frequently from now on I'm sure!

Using the site.. ... this is the printed picture I came up with. The name piece I created using MS Publisher.

This is the panel crazy quilt patched and ready for embellishing. I've begun by putting a fan motif over a spot that didn't quite cover. :)
Lastly I finally made my first fan using material. The white eyelet lace looked so good with the white fan motif that I went with it. :)