Friday, October 30, 2009

Starting Anew

With the change over of the little cliparts to the pictures of us designers on Pine Glen Designs I lost the URL to the blog I was doing... I wonder where it'll end up?! Anyway I've been working hard at getting my walls repaired and painted and thus clearing out and organizing my whole home. What fun! So I guess with all the newness my blog might as well be new too.
I'm not a writer by any means but I do like to jot a fews words down from time to time and in this was I can keep stitchers and friends in the loop of how things are going in my life.
Monday will be a early busy day as the guys who are redoing the stairs and kitchen diningroom floor will be in to get started.
I've finished repairing the walls in that area and have only the one wall - the accent wall to paint. Dependind on how the weekend goes I may well get that wall done before they show up on Monday. I have a desk on that wall with my son's computer so left it till the last to move.
I will be building my own custom desk here in the office so this desk will be used in that room and the old one given to a friend who requested it.
As many people know I homeschool my 10yr son and this year we've been cracking the books a little. Working on his grammar, math and penmanship. We're pretty much "unschoolers" and recently I learned a new word that fits more with our style of schooing "strewing". Which is basicly my putting in my son's path the tools and equipment to learn on his own. He surprises me on a regular bases on what he's learned on his own.
After the floors, walls and new desk are all completed and I'm well organized we'll be doing more projects to aid in his learning in a fun way.
For now I'll sign off and if I don't post again for a week you'll know I'm knee deep in paint andor construction of my new office desk.

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