Friday, July 16, 2010

Maureen's Pretty in Pink RR Block

I had a wonderful time the other day staying out of the hear. I went thru my stasha nd found LOTS of ideas to do on Maureen's RR block. I settled for but a few of them as I had to save room for Mary to do some. :)

The first thing I picked out was my favourite motif these days... the fan. I decided to tea-dye it so that it was more to the colours used on this block. I think it turned out perfect. I embellished it with beads across the top as I have with the others but this one I decided on making a ribbon bow and beaded tassle with hearts on the ends of them. I'm thrilled with the way it came out and plan on doing another on my Victorian Cats planned quilt. :)

I did another ribbon bow to tie up the heart lock and key charms. I wanted to find something to do on the fabric with the diamond shapes and I think the bead and sequin fans that I put in place did the trick.

I used a bit of lace trim and added a couple of little purple flower motifs to bring the pruple around to that corner and the flower motif beside it worked well to balance the darker colour of the fans.

I used a simle seam stitch on the seam between the fan and flower motifs and thena simple line of beads on the seam by the diamond fabric.

I hope Maureen likes what I've done... I sure enjoyed working on it!

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