Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Christmas Tree Skirt wedges

Wow... it's hard to believe it's been this long since I've posted but it's been a slow hard spring and summer and I'm finally beginning to get back on track again.

After a long haul of dealing with severe knee pain, a surgery and then a longer recovery period then I've ever had before (guess it's true it does take longer after you're 40 :(  ), I'm finally learning to deal with the pain I still have left (severe arthritis) by taking the breaks I need and not doing as much as I used to.  So no long hours sitting at the computer and getting up and moving around frequently during the nites of stitching.

I finally finish up those strips needed for that Teen Crazy Quilt so will have to go digging for the pictures of all the quilts that did get completed, but for now I have pictures of the CQed Tree skirt wedges that are finally ready to be sent back to their owners... I sure hope they'll forgive my tardiness and enjoy the work done on them.. I sure loved getting back into CQing by working on these.

Juli #1
Juli #2

Leslie #1
Leslie #2
On Juli's wedges I started with adding silkies of elves and gave them each a border.  I then added in several seam treatments from stitched to trims and added in some buttons and a brooch along with a few other little things.

On Leslie's I used lots of trims, with lots of golds and added a Santa silkie on one and a gold spider on the other.  I did several stitched seam treatments thou kept them to a simple treatment both to save time and because I kept having the vintage look run thru my head while working on them. There are a few buttons and even a brooch as well.

These will be mailed out tomorrow during my day of errands so I'm off to package them up ready to go.  I hope you ladies like the work I've done on them and again.. I'm soo sorry for the delay in getting these done.

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  1. I love the curved piecing and colors of Leslie's wedges. I wish I could see really up close to see the stitching, etc.

    Oh, wait a minute. Right click on picture, chose open in new window, then use CTRL plus + key to increase the size. Worked great.

    Very nice work!

    Hugs, Bev
    CQI Novice group