Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Counted Wishes Festival

In less then a month will be the new Counted Wishes Festival for the consumers. Designers have gathered together to bring their designs to the retail world. Feb 1st - 5th, 2010.

Pine Glen Designs will be there! We're featuring several group deals and select pattern specials as well as the full line of Angels on a Slashed Prices sale. Be sure to check out the Mystery Treat link to go to the special page on our website to take advantage of our extra special deals!

There will be NO shipping charges! The featured show deals are all in PDF format and even though you can get the Angels in both PDF and chart format there's still NO shipping charges on any of them!

Be sure to come see the deals that PGD and other designers are bringing to you thru this new festival!

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  1. I feel sooo far behind! I haven't blogged, or done anything lately :( This whole move and the mess here has me completely overwhelmed I think. I am hoping that I pull myself out of it soon and get back to my life. Maybe it's just the weather...
    One of us at least should update more often. lol