Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Old Hobbies becoming New again

I've become interested in, and begun collecting stash for my new hobby. Crazy Quilting!

I've had an interest for a while and been looking and looking with increasing interest but hadn't done much about it until Dodiemom said she had some flannette pieces to drop off at our local clothing bank as they had been asking for small pieces of fabric. Sorry folks but I've claimed it all! :)

I've done sewing in the past and enjoyed it but haven't done much since I moved out of the one place I had (when my oldest was only 5) where I had a sewing room all set up. Since then it's been few and far between, giving away one sewing machine, buying a used one when I first moved back to NB and then selling it off cheap to a mother daughter team who were thrilled to get it :)

Then last fall clean up a neighbour had a sewing machine in it's own cabinet on the side of the road. I enlisted a friend to help walk it down to my home. Recently had it in for an maintenance costing me only $12 and now I have a sewing machine I'm once again enjoying using.

My first little quilt was inspired by the 2 little Winnie the Pooh pieces found in the box of fabric I received from Dodiemom. So I sat one night and pieced it together with pins. I took several short cuts by pinning it all down on one piece of fabric and then placing that on the batting and another piece of fabric and then adjusted all the pins to go thru all the layers.

I then did a simple zigzag stitch on all the edges, without even folding in the edges, to give it a scrappy look and feel. It still needs to the binding of the edges and I've pieced together a top for a pillow to go with it. This and the second one I've pieced together and pinned with the batting and backing are for doll quilts with matching pillow.

I hope to sell a few but those I don't sell will be wrapped into gifts for needy children at Christmas time. (Oh... just remembered about the leaving a toy to be found idea I came across a whilte back... another idea :) )

I've been inspired just now by Diane's Blog and love the work I've seen on her site. I hope to one day learn some of the many stitches I seen on her site.
I'll be collecting trims, laces, buttons and more.. where will I put it all LOL

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