Monday, May 3, 2010

Sewing Sprie!

I've been having lots of fun the past two days. I've been sewing to my hearts content even though my back is paying the price it is better today then it was yesterday and considering I've been down with a cold I'm not complaining because other then a little cough I feel much better!

I've been working on more fairy crazy quilt blocks and have managed to get 8 more completed! That gives me 9 with the FFT#13 block for the RR. I'll have 3 more to do up as I figure I'll need at least 12 total to make a quilt for my bed.

I'll take some time to complete I know but I'm enjoying watching each step. :)

Here are the 8 blocks I've completed:

May 4th PS.

I've made up my mind on this project! I've decided to make it a 9 block wallhanging and hang it at the head of my bed as I don't have a headboard. Then I'll be able to admire it daily. Once it's done that is. :)


  1. Lorrie my little fairy's look lovely in your blocks, thanks so much for sharing them.
    (your buddy in Oz who sent you those fairy's)

  2. Your blocks are just lovely. I would be willing to do one for you if you like. Just let me know. The usual size for the DYB are 6x6 inches and sometimes 8x8 inches. These would be a lot of fun to work on though.

  3. Actually Arlene these aren't the ones you sent. I found this fabric on ebay and though I paid a dear price I fell in love with them and just had to have them!