Friday, April 30, 2010

Fabric Enhancement!

Not long ago I picked up this piece of fabric that inspired me to do a quilt of wild cats.. especially as I love cats of all kinds! I have done some searching and found a wonderful site where I could get several different cat prints including a seller on eBay.

However today while in the meagre fabric department of our local Walmart store I actually came across a few of the fabrics I was looking at online and didn't get because they were currently out of stock... lucky for me as they were actually a little bit cheaper here and I was able to get the little bit I really needed rather then full metres ... and with my limited budget that's a good thing.

Here is a pic of the cat prints I picked up today. I haven't decided if I will do just wild cats and use the other cats print for another quilt I have in mind. A seller on eBay has some really nice cats with Victorian teacups and pots so I want to do a Victorian theme quilt with cats :)
I also picked up some solid coloured fabrics for my stash enhancement for the day. :)

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