Saturday, August 21, 2010

CQ Christmas Ornie & Wallhanging

Today I've been spending time on my sewing... not only did I get a CQ Ornie finished up... here's the pic :)

But I also pieced together the blocks for an upcoming RR. This one is a Winter/Christmas theme and I went with the Christmas for mine. Here's the naked blocks put together to show how I will be putting them together when they return completed. Won't be for this year but I can look forward to decorating with it next year :)


  1. I love your blocks. Did you make your own silkies for this? They are wonderful. Can't wait to see this project completed.

  2. These are lovely buddy, you've done great with the colours. Your CQ Ornie is lovely too, I have to get started on mine.

  3. Yes Wendy I did indeed make my own silkies for these. Thank you all for your wonderful compliments.