Thursday, August 19, 2010

Robert's Birthday

My son isn't one for parties and lots of attention on him. So this year we did it simple. I spent the money I would have spent on a party on an electric keyboard with lots of trimmings, which will be put to use once September comes and he begins his piano lessons.

On his birthday which was Sunday, the day after his baptism, we were able to make it to church. It was another hot day. We'd planned ahead for the trip as it's an hour's drive to the chapel and hoped the weather would give us some time at the beach.

We made it and we both came back with sunburns!

Here's the view!
Robert's out in the water with a couple boys he met that day.Here he is after we finally got him outta the water! covered in sand of course :)And after he changed into dry clothes and was collecting shells and rocks :)
What a relaxing fun day!

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