Friday, February 18, 2011

Shrink Buttons!

Today I had a little fun introducing my son to Shrink Art! I printed out a couple sheets of what I will be using as buttons for Crazy Quilting, cut them out and just said, "Watch!" as I put them in the oven. It took a minute but then I was able to say, "There they go!" After the first batch my son helped me put the holes in the second batch and even wanted to see what would happen to the bit that was bunched out.

I now have 2 dozen buttons in my collection of Shrink Buttons for my Crazy Quilting projects... some of these I have plans for and some will be used for a button swap I'm in. I'll soon be making more!

Here are some pictures of the before and afters of today's fun. :)

birds before
birds after
fairies before
fairies after
Click on the pics to be able to see larger versions :)


  1. These are so cool, Lorrie! I had no idea you could print things out on the shrink art stuff. I need to check this out I think! lol

  2. gorgeous,i would love to try this method. Are you the real Chef R daughter? I love him when he gets po'ed....LOL hugs from Lisa fellow cq sister...