Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Painted Cupcake Banks

The owner of a small group that I'm in asked if anyone would be able to help her with some crafting that she'll be using as gifts... she loves to spoil both kids and ladies alike. So I offered to help out if I could.

We decided on these cute little cupcake banks that needed to be painted. They did come with paints but I'm a little more particular with my crafting so I picked up a few more paints to go with what I already had on hand as the ones that came with were too small and took thick. They were meant for kids to use after all.

There's 12 in all and she wanted 6 for girls and 6 for boys. I not only used Varathane on them once they were finished being painted but I used a glitter glue on the tops of the 6 for girls to add a little sparkle to them.

I love the way they came out so much I had to share a couple pictures. :)

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