Friday, April 1, 2011

Alice's Winter/Holiday block

I almost did the block with the tree when these blocks came to me but then I realized I really didn't have anything to decorate the tree which was my first thought. when it came time to get started I looked at the blocks again and the one with the blank green center just cried out for some cross stitch... perhaps my passion for cross stitching was in need... wasn't sure what but it wanted something! I then went o my Sam hawkins motifs book and the first one I loved was this Santa. I thought it was too big so loked for another. I foud one that said Christmas is Love but then re-measured and went with the Santa thinking he would fit. I was wrong but I made it work by letting his cap hang over but stopped the stitching of his beard so it looked like he was coming up from behinf the bottom block. I then went to my embellishing stash to see what would go with it... I pulled out several things and then has the bright idea that he neeed his sack! It was the teddy bear button that gave me that inspiration. So I dug into the bag of scraps to find some green and cut pieces several times before I came up with the half circle that would give he effect I was looking for. The spider and web was going to go on the other side where the bag went but with no room and no thread to make the flower i wanted to put there that's were he landed. After that it was seam treatments and few trinkets. the mirror was crazy glued onto the back of the jewerlly piece and each stream of beads added by hand. I sure hope Alice enjoyed the piece as much as i enjoyed creating it for her. I'm so glad I have pictures of it!

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  1. This is so beautiful......I love the cross stitching you have added.....I never cross stitch because I hate the counting of stitches.....but I do love looking at it....