Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lots of Eye Candy to see

Seems I've missed putting up a pic about one of my latest CQed RR blocks... so here it is along with the latest 2. :)
First up we have a Winter block for Ritva. Her's are all done in white, cream, gold and browns. The other's in the group have done some real fancy work so mine was kept to simple clean look. I think :)Next up we have Cathy's Autumn block. I copied another CQer's idea of using a doily for a spider web. Mine is much smaller then the others but I think it turned out great!And lastly we have a real fun block. This is Laura's English Garden/Tea Time block. I'd gotten the tea set I used on this block some time ago and wondered when I'd ever use them. As cute as they were they just didn't go with anything... until this block... they seemed to got perfectly! so lots of flowers with yellow face beads to bring out their smiles and bright butterflies and a ladybug as well. A couple seam treatments and then making the swirls around the wand in gold along with the outlining of the clouds, stars and moon in gold and i think the block came out looking like a fairy tale garden at tea time. :)

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