Saturday, June 25, 2011

Completed Japan blocks

Wow I have gotten behind on things. I have 3 blocks.. all the ones that go to Japan all completed and ready to show off.
The first is of the Mourning Heart for Hideko. I was really impressed myself with the way it came out.
Then is the pink kimono girl. I loved the green thread on the pale ink soo much I decided to use it on all the seams and embellished with pink beads. I absolutely love the way this one came out.Finally we come to the green kimono girl. I decided to surrounded her with flowers and added a few butterflies and dragonflies as well as a couple fans.


  1. Ohhhh these are just BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. Love your heart design and the Komono Girls with all the stitching, just beautiful...
    Linda in NM