Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Finished CQed Canadian Flag

As pictures are worth a thousand words and I'm no writer.. Here's a pic of the CQed Canadian Flag I finally quilted up. I did a simple zigzag stitch to quilt it and then put on the pins I've collected so far.
I intend to continue collecting up the pins from all of the Canadian provinces and territories to add to the flag.

I've put together a USA CQed flag for my best friend (whom I've never met in person) ooops she reads my blog from time to time so I guess the secrets out on it.

Still it could get a bit yet before I get it finished. I have some patches to add to it and may do a bit of embroidery though I think it would be better to collect up state pins to put on it like I'm doing with mine :)


  1. This is neato. Have you a pin from Manitoba? If not I'll ship you the Golden Boy and the Buffalo - I know those I do have. Will scout out the Manitoba one too. Let me know.

  2. Nice design and love all the pins..Linda in NM