Friday, March 18, 2011

More updating

Ok as promised a few pictures of the blocks I haven't posted about yet. These first two are from the Victorian Tea Cats Quilt. they are blocks #3 and #4 seeing as I've lost my pics I don't have a naked block pic of #2 as it's already been worked on... near done actually.
These next two are from the Fairy Quilt Wall Hanging. This first one was nearly all embellished by Wendy F. who graciously offered to so some work for me on one of these blocks. She did a fabulous job and only left a few little areas for me to add a few bits and of course a fairy charm.

This one I've done all on my own. :)

I'm starting a new RR soon called "Fairies Fairies Fairies" and I've decided to use 3 of these blocks rather then 6 6" blocks so that I can finish this Wallhanging while working on other things as well and to get LOTS of different finishes to this piece!

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