Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Beginning to Emblish Tatty Teddy

Here is the full panel after last nite's stitching on the Tatty Teddy panel. I just couldn't think of seam embroideries so I went with what I could think up and this is what came out.
Knowing we all like to see things close up here are a few to see the areas I did.

This is the bottom of the panel and the first bit that I did. I drew on the stem and leaves and used a stem stitch for them. I couldn't decide on flowers but then put these beads on and they looked so good I went with them. I then added a couple butterfly beads above them.

I ruffled up some silk ribbon and added a rose bead to the center and attached them to the corner by the Teddy. Not bad for a first time try at them. :)

Then I decided I wanted to try to make a ribbon trail so I attached one end and decided to cover the end with a button and topped that with a flower bead. I then ruffled the ribbon as I went and each time I attached it to the panel I then added a bead. I finished off the same way as I began with the button and bead.

I then attached a dragonfly charm to a small patch.

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