Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tatty Teddy with weekly challenges

In my new favourite group CrazyQuiltingInternational we have weekly challenges. They are on week #52 but I decided to start way back at #1 and use them on the Tatty Teddy panel.

Here's what the whole thing looks like to date:

Now for some close up views of the newly stitched areas:

#14 Buttons!

These show the beginnings:

#1 Chain stitch
#2 Cretan stitch (which I then added detached chain/lazy daisy stitch to)
#3 Double row Herringbone (these I offset due to the way the blocks where sitting)

This one shows pretty much all the seams that I've gotten stitched. I decide to start in one corner and work my way out. Let's see added to the above there's:

#4 Chrevon stitch
#5 Semi-Circles (offset)
#6 Tied- Cross Stitch
#7 Woven stitch
#8 Angles
#9 Long & Short Buttonhole
#11 Pyramid buttonhole

I haven't yet done the #10 weekly challenge.

Now to show off my beaded dragonflies!

I hope you enjoy seeing what's been keeping me busy these days :)


  1. You are really moving along on this piece Lorrie! I am glad you are enjoying the BAS stitch challenges!