Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tatty Teddy continues...

Not as many seams completed last nite as I spent much of the time gaming with my son. We play one online game and that is! I'm not one for video type games of any sort but I do enjoy this one with my son. I even got my brother into it.. but enough about that... on to the stitching! :)

Here are challenges:

#12 Beaded feather stitch
#13 Herringbone variation
#21 Detach chain half circle (with center bead)

Here is challenge:

#22 Beaded straight stitch

I added a few stitches here for challenge:

#16 Sheaf stitch
For challenge:

#23 Cross Stitch pattern

I made use of the empty evenweave fabric space to create a patterned line of stitches.

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