Saturday, December 31, 2011

Completed UFO and more!

I have finally managed to finish a UFO!
This has been sitting waiting for me to add the binding on it for months!
Shame on me I know but I stopped because I had to buy the material for the binding and then never got back to it.  But as my New Year Resolution is to get some UFOs into the finished pile... I got to and got this one done!
AQP premiee quilt #3
After that was done I got to and made another quilt top as when these are donated to the hospital I like to have at least 2 crazy patched ones... just because :O)

AQP premiee quilt #4 WIP
 And then the next day I decided I wanted one that's more for a boy so I started this one. 
It will have border strips in the brown, plaid before it's finished and the binding will be done in the dark blue.

AQP premiee quilt #5 WIP


  1. Way to go, Lorrie! I am sure that the hospital loves to get these, especially one in boy colours! The tops are wonderful and congratulations on your first UFO finish on your resolution! I love to see what people are setting as goals for the new year.

  2. Neato Lorrie!!! I love the first one - it's shape of CQ is so unusual! Way to go finishing off UFOs.

  3. Hey Lorrie, We have something else in common! I make preemie quilts for our local hospital too.