Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Cracker Extras!

   I received the second of my 3 Christmas Crackers today... it came in later then the first oen that came today as it was sent UPS and wow what a cracker it is. It's nestled in the branches of my tree along with my first one waiting for Christmas Eve and my quiet time to open them.
   In with it came a baggie of things for me to have right away.. and wow was is stuffed too... here are some pictures of the wonderful goodies to add to my stash!
A few closer up to see things a little better :O)

Wonderful butterfly fabric almost buried with everything else!

I love the charms pictured here and can't wait to get at a couple RRs I'm working on to use them on.

Love the colours in the rick rack here.. it won't last long but I sure will enjoy using them while I have them :O)


  1. Wow, you struck gold, girlfriend! Someone in California is verrrry generous! And we all know you will put it to good use, so enjoy the fun and your Christmas! Hugs, Cat K

  2. That was an amazing stash increasing baggie!! Lucky you, you have an amazingly generous friend somewhere!!!!

  3. WOW you sure you didn't open your cracker? :)))
    You definitely will use it up with all your productivity CQing wise!!!

  4. LOL! Merry Christmas Lorrie! Glad you enjoyed the little bits of pre-Christmas extras, but be a good girl and save the Christmas Cracker till Christmas Eve, hey!
    Hugs, from *Someone in CA!*