Tuesday, December 27, 2011

CQing Christmas packages/crackers

I had such a wonderful time opening all my CQing packages on Christmas Eve.
Pictures truly on worth a thousand words... so here's a FEWpics :O)

My SS packages came all the way from Portugal!
All this came in those packages.

I really love the varigated Christmas thread. and the strawberry that hides a shopping bag.
Thank you Maria!

This cracker is from Meg
this is the block that wrapped the cracker
here's what was inside :O)
better pic of the motif
Thank you Meg!

This cracker came from Kerry
Such wonderful rich looking fabrics and embellishments!
close up of the beads and buttons
A beaded butterfly motif!!! WOW
Thank you Kerry!

This cracker came from Ingrid.
The one that came with the extra large baggie of goodies to that wouldn't fit in the cracker and no wonder!
these were on the ends of the cracker and I plan to reuse them on  a cracker I make for next year.
The pins in the pincushion came in this cracker and they went immediately to my new pincushion.

Several gorgeous christmas print fabrics
Aren't these just the cutest!
This was made especially for me... I love it!
There was just soo much in the cracker!
 And can you believe with all this that Ingrid actually apologized for not making a CQed block for the outside of the cracker!
Ingrid I love it all and you've spoiled me absolutely rotten how could anyone be sorry there wasn't a CQed block covering all these goodies!


  1. Lovely Lorrie! ENJOY!!!
    I love the ovals and circles around your pics.

  2. Oh wow!! Look at all those Kreinik threads - ooooh, I'm going green with envy.... Lucky you Lorrie.

  3. I'm late for work because I just couldn't wait to look at all your goodies and drool! lol Wonderful stash Lorrie!