Sunday, December 18, 2011

12 Days of Christmas!!!

I'm here wrapping up gifts while my kid sleeps and I get this knock on my
door... now I'm not one to be up in the AM and everyone knows that. So to
have a knock on my door this early in the day was strange to say the least.

But stranger still was to see my parcel delivery lady standing there with a
parcel.. on a SUNDAY!!! Wow...

Anyway..  so as you may have
guessed... it's in... the package I have been waiting for to join the rest of the group opening a gift on each of the 12 Days of Christmas. I got to sit here and enjoy opening 6 packages to
catch up to all the others.

Here are the gifts thus far...

Day One

... a snuggly, warm, cozy pair tree.

Day Two
... two silken treasures.

Day Three
... three flitting fans.

Day Four
... four blooming offings.

Day Five
... five hearts delightful.

Day Six
... six herbal treats.
(Which I promptly enjoyed one!)

After that I snuggled the rest of the packages under my little tree which one last nite was decorated and set up on the top of the desk in the TV room where I do all my stitching and will be enjoying the opening of these gifts each day.

I've also placed my Christmas Crackers  under that tree too... and I thought I'd already been spoiled... now all those feelings of being left out are good and I feel doubly blessed.

As a true recycler I am saving the tags from my 12 Days packages to reuse next year.  I will keep them close to remind me so that I'll have all yea long to collect items for all the Christmas Swaps and Exchange I so love to do. :O)

Come back tomorrow when I get to show off Day Seven!

Merry Christmas!!!


  1. Ohhh Lorrie you truly were gifted my friend. And you'll know for sure who your gifter is at the end too! Lovely presents to enjoy and all by yourself this morning. Nice tree!

  2. What fun Lorrie! This looks like it was a good time - I am happy the package arrived for you before Christmas too. It must have been nice to get to open six gifts all at once.